ifindyou app and locator

Download the free app to connect to your ifindyou locators. Once connected you can start tracking items and get alerts if you lose them. Lets you know when children wander off, alerts you when you lose your keys, wallet or bag.

Let's explain the benefits

Use your locators to alert you when you lose things, your child, wallet, keys, bag, phone or dog. These are just some of the things you can use your locator for, there are many more.

Keep your Child Safe

Alerts you if your child wanders off at the supermarket, at the park, at theme parks or on the beach.

Don't forget your Wallet

Never forget your wallet or purse again. Simply place a locator in your wallet or purse.

Lost your Keys?

Don't get locked out. Add a locator to your keys and get an alert if you leave them behind. Also, use your mobile to find your keys, double tap app and it will make your keys bleep.

Tap To Alert

Simply tap the locator icon in app twice and the locator will flash its blue light and bleep - alerting you to the location of misplaced hand bags or keys

Find Your Lost Phone

Press the button on your locator and your mobile will ring.

Keep your Dog Safe.

Worried your dog may be snatched from your garden? Simply place the locator to its collar for peace of mind.

Reliable Location Alerts

With a tap of a finger from your phone, your locator will flash and ring, alerting you to its exact location - no more losing keys down the side of the sofa!

How to connect your locator

To start using the ifindyou locators you will first need to download the free App for your iOS or Android device. Then simply follow the instructions below to activate your locator.

Step 1

Download the ifindyou App on your mobile device. Start the app and follow the instructions.

Step 2

Hold the button down for 10 seconds until you see the steady blue light on your locator.

Step 3

Attach the ifindyou locator to the item and begin to track.

ifindyou App - Free Download

To start using the locators you will first need to download the free App for your iOS or Android device. Choose your store below.

Tutorial - How to Use ifindyou app and locator

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